Thursday, 1 May 2008

Girlie Moment

Not on my part (the 'moment' that is) but the Daily Telegraph stands accused. Launching a new golf page in the Sport section today (sorry, no sign in the online edition) they just happen to give the most space to a photo of Jodie Kidd. Not that I have any problem with Jodie who plays a good game , comes acrosss well in Pro-Am tournaments and takes a lovely photo (well, she is a model I suppose!) I just hope the Telegraph is going to take heed of the equality lobby and give us girls a picture of some gorgeous hunk in a future issue, though since the tour is lamentably short IMO of truly delectable men-folk, perhaps we'll be treated to some of those eager celebrity golfers (Ronan Keating? Hugh Grant? Meat Loaf???)

Talking of the male physique, I did get a bit of a shock seeing Monty step out in the Spanish Open today. Five weeks off golf and it looks like he's gained a pound for every day. If I were his wife I might be worried. On the other hand, he was playing some fine golf and turned in a more than respectable 2 under for the day.
Will try to remember this next time I'm offered a Danish pastry.
You can see Monty (in slimmer mode) and Jodie Kidd on an outing together here.

Happy Birthday Blog!

I think it's actually belated birthday wishes as the blog began in April last year, though I'm not sure (without tedious research) which day it was.

I think I'll call yesterday the 'official birthday' as I had a great round. That would make today my first unbirthday - and yes, the round was to match!

Whenever it was, thank you to all the visitors who keep turning up to see what's going on.

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