Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Monty gets hitched

Hardly a surprise that Monty took his wedding guests for a celebratory round of golf at Loch Lomond. I mean, why else get married next to a golf course? And at least he got the golf out of the way first, and has apparently promised to stay off the course for the duration of the honeymoon. (Hmm, is Gaynor wise? Dare she come between a man and his golf for that long?) Anyway, his pre-wedding golf is in contrast to a friend of mine who was woken at 5am on the day after the nuptials so that a certan game of golf could go ahead.
Yes, they are still married, honest!

BTW the above link is not to the club's own website which to my mind is an irritatingly Flashy piece of work, but it has at least reminded me of my ambition to visit the Barclay's Scottish Open coming up in July. Can't think of a better place to watch golf or a better time to try out my new swing north of the border (though possibly not on that partcular course!)

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Progress Report

Second lesson is now under my belt and I'm quietly pleased so far. A spell at the range and a couple of relaxed rounds and I feel I'm getting the hang of my new stance. Now I also have to add width to my swing and have a drill involving a club cover under my arm. I need some practice time to get it all together but in the meantime I'm managing some solid hits. The only problem is, that I have a sneaking feeling these two lessons could be the tip of an iceberg, i.e. the beginning of a chain of changes (and lot of lessons!)
I may have to 'consider my future' in this respect, but meanwhile I'm off on a non-golfing holiday. A contradiction in terms? Certainly sounds like it to me, and as well be out of range of the Beeb, we won't even have the Masters as consolation. I suppose it will be interesting to see what state I'm in after a week of cold turkey!

Friday, 4 April 2008

Girls and Golf Monthly

I may be kidding myself, but my article in last month’s Golf Monthly deploring the low standing of women’s golf, seems to have borne fruit. As well as two responses on the letters page. (To Maurice of Didsbury, if only I lived nearer I'd be happy to experience your ladies’ facilities for myself!) I think I detect a slight increase in examples of the female form in this month’s mag (Ten great women golfers, Curtis Cup news, and a good sprinkling of girls in the junior section, not to mention a feature on Lorena Ochoa).
Keep up the good work boys, but did you have to print that letter about the pink golf clothes? Sometimes I think that women are their own worst enemies!

Pain or gain?

You can probably guess from the title that I have just had the dreaded lesson, and not before time, according to my new lady pro, who thinks that with my set-up it’s a miracle that I’ve been getting the ball in the air at all. So, how does it balance out?
First of all, the pain factors
1. Although what she suggests might sound like a minor adjustment, to me it feels like a contortionist’s act, and one that plays havoc with my back (and that’s before I start moving the club).
2. We haven’t even looked at the backswing yet!
3. I am paying for this torture (a bit like the dentist, then!)

Gain factors
1. My teacher/torturer was very clear on the step-by-sep approach (only set-up this week, backswing next) which suits me. There’s only so much my brain or my body can do at once.
2. She keeps telling me I have talent (do they all say that?)
3. I did hit a couple of good balls, demonstrating the possible advantages of going through this process.
Best of all, she didn’t try comparing my swing to that of Ernie Els (as once attempted by another golf pro). Let’s face it, there are realistic targets and there is pure fantasy. I know which I’d rather attempt.

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