Friday, 4 April 2008

Pain or gain?

You can probably guess from the title that I have just had the dreaded lesson, and not before time, according to my new lady pro, who thinks that with my set-up it’s a miracle that I’ve been getting the ball in the air at all. So, how does it balance out?
First of all, the pain factors
1. Although what she suggests might sound like a minor adjustment, to me it feels like a contortionist’s act, and one that plays havoc with my back (and that’s before I start moving the club).
2. We haven’t even looked at the backswing yet!
3. I am paying for this torture (a bit like the dentist, then!)

Gain factors
1. My teacher/torturer was very clear on the step-by-sep approach (only set-up this week, backswing next) which suits me. There’s only so much my brain or my body can do at once.
2. She keeps telling me I have talent (do they all say that?)
3. I did hit a couple of good balls, demonstrating the possible advantages of going through this process.
Best of all, she didn’t try comparing my swing to that of Ernie Els (as once attempted by another golf pro). Let’s face it, there are realistic targets and there is pure fantasy. I know which I’d rather attempt.

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