Friday, 15 July 2011

Time to get trollied!

One thing has come clear to me over my extensive golfing and drinking career - it is not natural for a human being to lug a big heavy bag of golf clubs around a golf course, particularly the hilly variety without some kind of electrical assistance. It could just be that I'm getting that little bit older but when the weather is as hot as it has been, the sweat patches under my arms do not get any less embarrassing. For this reason I have been scouring the malls virtual and worldly for some golfing wheels and have decided that I like the look of the Powakaddy Sport Trolley. Now I have to admit being an Big IPAD fan, I can't help but be pulled into the orbit of any bit of kit that has dials and flashing lights - but I think you might agree this particular trolley does seem to have everything but the kitchen sink thrown in, or more importantly does anybody know if a booze cabinet is provided?

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