Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Golf Head Covers

Not so long ago the humble golf head cover was a rather drab and functional thing – usually in black and mostly made from man made materials. They certainly served their purpose of protecting club heads but little else. In the main they were supplied with golf drivers and fairway woods but as time progressed iron and putter covers gained greater popularity. Functionally they have also developed, first with longer socks to make them more graphite friendly, then with many forms of closure including zips, velcro and most recently magnets.

Now however it’s a completely different story. Yes the functionality is there but so to are many funky fashion statements. So if you are not satisfied with the ever increasing range of traditional head covers and want to personalise your bag, the range of options now available is immense.

Animal golf head covers The choice includes animals like Bears, Lions, Labradors, Cats and Foxes. Some are stylised while others are really life-like. Prices for individual covers range from £7 to £20.

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