Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Hit me with those laser beams!

For those of you the hadn't heard already, the golf course has just become a lot more exciting with the availability of hand held laser guided rangefinders.

Golf range finders deploy an invisible Class 1 laser beam which is bounced off a target at the press of a button and is safe to the eye. The rangefinder's internal digital clock measures the time taken for the outward and return journey of the laser and then immediately calculates and displays the distance.

Typical uses or targets for the rangefinder include the flag on top of the pin, trees and other hazards.

The greater advantage in this type of system is that you can go to any course, any time, take the unit out of your bag and get measuring. The only disadvantage is that the target has to be within line of sight. So it couldn't be used from the tee to a hidden green for example. Having said this their are plenty of situations where it will give you valuable information and an edge on your game. For more information click on Golf Rangefinders.

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