Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Monty gets hitched

Hardly a surprise that Monty took his wedding guests for a celebratory round of golf at Loch Lomond. I mean, why else get married next to a golf course? And at least he got the golf out of the way first, and has apparently promised to stay off the course for the duration of the honeymoon. (Hmm, is Gaynor wise? Dare she come between a man and his golf for that long?) Anyway, his pre-wedding golf is in contrast to a friend of mine who was woken at 5am on the day after the nuptials so that a certan game of golf could go ahead.
Yes, they are still married, honest!

BTW the above link is not to the club's own website which to my mind is an irritatingly Flashy piece of work, but it has at least reminded me of my ambition to visit the Barclay's Scottish Open coming up in July. Can't think of a better place to watch golf or a better time to try out my new swing north of the border (though possibly not on that partcular course!)

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