Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Progress Report

Second lesson is now under my belt and I'm quietly pleased so far. A spell at the range and a couple of relaxed rounds and I feel I'm getting the hang of my new stance. Now I also have to add width to my swing and have a drill involving a club cover under my arm. I need some practice time to get it all together but in the meantime I'm managing some solid hits. The only problem is, that I have a sneaking feeling these two lessons could be the tip of an iceberg, i.e. the beginning of a chain of changes (and lot of lessons!)
I may have to 'consider my future' in this respect, but meanwhile I'm off on a non-golfing holiday. A contradiction in terms? Certainly sounds like it to me, and as well be out of range of the Beeb, we won't even have the Masters as consolation. I suppose it will be interesting to see what state I'm in after a week of cold turkey!

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