Monday, 23 April 2007

Ladies' Choice - or not?

Following on from the last item, men may have a bit of bargaining power, but the choice of equipment for ladies is so limited I’d be surprised to get anything like such a good deal, haggling or no haggling.
Just what is the problem? I can’t believe there aren’t enough women golfers around to create some competition in the market, but as it is a lot of pro shops don’t even have a ladies’ section, and a friend of mine who’s naturally left-handed was told she was lucky to have chosen to play right handed because ladies’ left-handed clubs are only available on special order and by implication at a very special price.
The same goes for clothing. Men can walk in and get branded goods at discounted prices, but the best I can do at the local range shop is ‘buy one get one half price.’ At those prices I don’t think I’ll bother!
It seems to me that women just get less choice. Is this a case of golf mirroring life? If anyone can tell me where to get a decent range of ladies’ clubs or clothes, I’ll be eternally grateful!

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