Friday, 11 May 2007

Goddess of Small Things

Here are two items that cost next to nothing* but make a big difference to enjoying a round of golf. The first is a ball marker. Yes, it can be a disk bought for the purpose, a coin, or one of those flat studs attached to a glove. Anything will do, but make sure you have something and have it to hand. You know you have 20p somewhere? Maybe, but how irritating is it for the rest of us to hang around while you turn out your pockets? And if it happens once in a round, you can bet your bottom dollar it will happen again … and again. Don’t hold things up! Get one and get it out fast!
The second is that funny prong thing you see lying by the till in the pro shop - a pitch mark repairer. You may rarely execute the kind of pitch that leaves a nice indentation in the green except when that green is horribly soggy, but we’ve had soggy greens aplenty of late, and even if you don’t have a mark of your own to repair, it makes you feel tremendously virtuous to repair one that someone else has left. If you’re not sure exactly how to do it, get someone to show you. There’s no point in leaving the green in a worse state than when you found it!
*Of course, if any girl has serious money to squander, she can always spend 100 euros on these stylish ball markers from (As ever, I take no responsibility for the contents of external sites ...)

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