Monday, 28 May 2007

Junior Showtime

I have searched the BBC and Youtube without success for a clip of the youngster who was swinging a left-handed iron at Wentworth on Saturday. Effortless is the word that came to mind as he/she lofted a ball into the air while barely looking in the right direction. The commentary team used their ‘swingmaster’ to demonstrated that the club position at impact was not a million miles from that of a tour pro. In case you didn’t see it, this was no teenager. The kid was no more than three years old. (Some kind of lesson ,there, if only I could work out what it is!)

Talking of juniors, I came across a decent site that should be useful for any newcomer to the game. Rookie Golf
has lots of advice including a quiz on the rules and etiquette of golf. The quiz is fun to do and not too hard. My only argument is that it doesn’t differentiate between etiquette (accepted practice on the course) and hard and fast rules. Etiquette it very important and will affect everyone’s game, but it’s not quite the same as something that could cost you or your partner penalty shots. For a more testing set of quizzes on The Rules, try the R & A's own site In fact I’ll add that link to my sidebar.

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