Thursday, 19 July 2007

Dream Trolleys

Since we haven’t given in to the temptation of a buggy (though some of the US offerings look a lot nicer than the traditional golf cart) or even a Powakaddy, it has to be said the traditional pull-along trolley can be a bit of a nighmare. The basic £20 - £30 affairs don’t last long, especially on the stony paths at our club, and have a notable tendency to collapse at the wrong moment (like in a high wind or on a steep slope and always - but always - when you’ve just duffed the last shot). I’ve been trying to persuade MOH to get something more robust, but don’t see much on the market, though the ‘Trombone’ trolley looks like it might be a possibility.

A friend has recently invested in the Klik-n-Go push trolley, a three-wheeler which has apparently won a design award, and she is delighted that her bag no longer slews around the way mine has on every trolley I’ve ever used. The new trolley also folds down pretty small, even if it looks big enough to carry me, never mind my golf bag. Since I did once have a dream in which I was strapped on to a golf trolley as it coasted down a steep path, just the sight of this new one is enough to unnerve me. I'll report back on whether the real trolley turns out to be dream or nightmare.

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