Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Golfing in France

It’s the season for holidays as well as tournaments and Golf Girl prompts me to tell of my own experiences of golf a la francais. The first of these was some years ago when we stayed in a gite owned by friends in the Loire Valley. Maybe not the biggest golfing venue in the world ,but the local course at Golf de Bauge was a gem and very quiet indeed which suited us as we hadn’t been golfing long at the time. John and Ali have expanded their business at Loire Life and are now doing golf breaks, so maybe we'll give it another try soon.
Since then we have tried out Le Touquet and other courses in the Pas de Calais, but despite it’s popularity with Brits, found the area a bit disappointing. Le Touquet courses were uninspiring and Belle Dune a bit too tough for us on the day. Worst of all, all of those courses broke the Green Goddess’s most serious commandment of golf: ‘Thou shalt provide sustenance for weary golfers.’ Day after day we staggered back to the clubhouse to find the restaurant closed for the afternoon. Sacre bleu!
Would did exclude one course from the general thumbs down. Hardelot les Pins was a totally pleasant experience despite some pretty unpleasant golf on my part. I have to say we didn’t have the best of weather for the trip and only got in our last round at the Cygnes course by dint of a lucky break between rains storms of Wimbledonian intensity. The course was built on a marsh, so all in all, a watery experience.

Our friends have golfed in Brittany using Formula Golf and were really impressed: sociable atmosphere and excellent off-course catering. Somewhat perversely (and because it’s cheaper!) we’ve chosen Belgium for this year’s golfing jaunt in August. Golf? Belgium? I hear a thunderous silence. I’ll let you know if it’s deserved or not, but the pictures on look good to me.

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