Sunday, 22 July 2007

Harrington wins (dinner guests lose out)

I reckon I did well to get a meal on the table tonight despite having one eye on the closing stages at Carnoustie. I think I had a premonition yesterday that Garcia would remain the nearly man, but not how close he would come to proving me wrong, or how long it would take for the whole thing to be over! As it was, as Romero stuffed his ball Out of Bounds I was stuffing the chicken, and as Padraig went in the burn (twice) I was chopping some pretty irregular carrots (in fact, I was lucky to get away with my fingers intact). Luckily, our Sunday dinner guests are also golfers and didn’t mind waiting for the end of the play-off for the meal to be on the table.
Fair result? Well, IMO each of the contenders had already lost the tournament, Harrington with his double bogey and Garcia when he missed the putt. I’m not surprised Harrington made the best recovery; he had won his reprieve, and throughout the play-off he had a look of grim determination.
A truly memorable last day, though maybe the chicken is best forgotten. I hope to remain Goddess of the Green, if not the Cuisine!

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Jenni said...

My money was certainly on Garcia - and he would have been a worthy winner, having maintained the lead for the whole of the four days, only to wobble at the final hurdle. He must have been as gutted as Jean van de Velde in 1999. But Padraig did superbly, and I think the whole of Ireland is still partying! It was the most exciting finish I've seen for a while - hope the guests didn't mind your un-Goddess-like carrot shapes and burnt chicken legs! (You'll have to rename yourself 'The Goddess of Small Kitchens'!)

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