Monday, 20 August 2007

Gentlemen please look (and walk) away

I’m sorry, but nothing on this earth would persuade me to use the recently advertised Shewee, or portable urinating device for women, and if I am ever senile or incontinent enough to change my mind, I hope that someone will tell me to give up golf!
It just smacks too much of the kind of ‘surgical appliance’ I would rather not think about, never mind deal with.
As to the problem of being ‘caught short’ on the course, I fail to see why this is more of a problem for women than for men, and think that the solution should lie with the golf club, not the suffering golfer. Okay, so it’s easier for men to unzip and let flow, but does that make it a good thing? I play with men who see no problem in relieving themselves more or less in front of me, and I really wish they wouldn't. Similarly, although I’m no longer embarrassed at excusing myself for a quick sojourn behind a bush, I’d just prefer not to.
Luckily, many modern courses are designed with a return to the clubhouse between 9 and 10. Where this isn’t the case, I think there’s no excuse for a club not to provide toilet facilities on the course and keep them clean.
To me this is the sign of a good course. What a shame there are so few of them.

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