Monday, 20 August 2007

The great trolley debate

There’s been a lively thread on the Golf Monthly forum which has lined up the trolley pushers v. the bag carriers, with each side getting quite heated in defence of its preferred transport option (and that’s without throwing buggies into the equation!) Previously a confirmed trolleyist, I was forced to carry a bag for a few weeks last winter when our course was too boggy for anything with wheels, and I did find the experience unexpectedly liberating.
First of all, I had to lighten the load by divesting myself of most of the gear that accumulates in the trolley bag and even removing my least favourite clubs. Thus unencumbered, I set off feeling like a leaner and fitter player. The next discovery was that I no longer needed to take detours around ditches, or leave the trolley behind while I negotiated other hazards, i.e. I actually had less far to walk. It was also great to just heave the bag out of the car (and in again at the end) without having to manhandle the trolley.
When the weather improved I went back to the old trolley, but now I’m wondering why. I suppose I just like to have that extra sweater and all my clubs to hand. Meanwhile my own trolley is coming to the end of its days, and although MOH has done some running repairs, I don’t think my course cred is improved by pulling something around that’s held together by a couple of big rubber bands.
I’ve looked at some options but still can’t decide what to do. I’m thinking of asking the guys on Golf Monthly. I’ll keep you posted!

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