Monday, 3 September 2007

Ernie Els, fashion victim?

Ernie Els has quite a website. I now know he grows wine and does all kinds of saintly things as well as swinging a club, though even that’s only when family commitments don’t get in the way. Speaking from the distaff side, I should be pleased that Ernise (whom I recently mistyped - sorry Ernie) is upholding family values and not leaving it all to Mummy Els. I suppose personal websites are inevitably self-congratulatory, and I’m sure Ernie is as nice a guy as he makes himself out to be, but I feel distinctly less convinced about it now than before I visited his site.
One thing you can do there is vote on which colour shirt you think Ernie should wear, which brings us to Golf Girl’s fave topic of fashion, and in particular the colour pink. I actually thought that men had been allowed to wear pink since the 1970s, but I suppose I may have missed a few fashion trends in between. Dan Bernstein found his day got a lot more interesting when he wore a pink golf shirt, and apparently only men ‘comfortable with their sexuality’ can do the colour justice.

IMHO it’s about what suits you. Dark skinned types can wear ‘hot’ pinks with aplomb. Blonds are better in pastels. This applies across the sexes, so Tiger and Laurena look great in raspberry, but Ian Poulter looks better in pale pink. I don’t think it would work the other way around, and a lot of golfers could do worse than go in for colour analysis as offered by companies like Colour Me Beautiful. Just think how great it would be if Sergio Garcia gave up those limes and oranges! Right, I have now cast my vote for Ernie in pink, though I think maybe this coral tone suits him quite well. (Thanks to MCHart for the picture as posted on fickr.)

Fashion is sadly not a priority on my home course. Last week there was a guy behind us whose very big beer belly was encased in a pink striped polo shirt worn with red shorts. Not a good look. Be grateful I didn’t have my camera.


Patricia said...

OMG...a beerbelly encased in a pink striped polo shirt...with red shorts yet. Sounds like the stuff of nightmares. ;)

Cindy said...

The guy in front of me the other day had on a shirt that said "My balls go further than your balls...:


Green Goddess said...

Thanks girls - clearly a style makeover is needed!

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