Sunday, 25 November 2007

Golf in a Cold Climate

Thanks to Golf Girl (how does she find time to make TV shows?) for alerting me to the news that Paul Creamer has won her first tournament using a pink ball. I have to say I have always had some deep-seated doubt as to the performance of a girly coloured ball, though I'm sure any underperformance on my part is actually caused by the deficiencies of my swing.
Meanwhile I have to report on a great contest this side of the pond. Last week two of the regular (and most vociferous) members of Golf Monthly Forum met face to face on a golf course near Edinburgh. Even that sounds brave to me (new take on internet dating?) but hearing that the temperature was minus 2, I take my hat off to the boys in question. I have been there (east of Scotland, I mean) and know how cold that feels.
As to my segue from the above, it's tenuous, but at the risk of being lewd, I'd like to suggest that at Craigielaw, blue was the colour. (Correct me if I'm wrong!)

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