Friday, 14 March 2008

Monty goes West

Monty's exploits never fail to stir up comment, but where's the Principal's Nose these day? On holiday somewhere hot and sticky, I suspect, but Lewine Mair had a nice piece in theTelegraph about his desertion of Far East in favour of Florida and more points towards a Masters appearance. Ironically very few people think he's likely to do well at Augusta even if he gets there in the first place, although after his opening round at Bayhill even that's looking unlikely. More money might go on a surprise win on his home soil rather than in any U.S. major, though it's sad that any win is now seen as a surprise (to us if not to him!) A Golf Monthly Forum member recently asked if he or Sandy Lyle would be judged 'top Scottish golfer' of their generation, and although Monty in many people's eyes has done better over longer, I think in any popular vote, Lyle would win for his record in majors.
Interesting that the problem for most sportsmen of when to when to hang up the kit can be postponed almost indefinitely in golf, and for Monty the seniors tour will soon be beckoning.

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