Monday, 29 September 2008

Ping G10

I've spent years frustrated with my short game, and then my wife gave me a set of Ping G10 irons for my birthday. I loved the feel of the clubs in my hands, and the swing felt natural (I had been using a set of old hand-me-downs of various brands, most of which felt heavy compared to other golfers' clubs). I've never been a good golfer, previously golfing only a few times a month. But now I have more time and am entering tournaments with a handicap of 9, and I needed something to help me reduce my stroke count. The Ping G10 was the answer!


Tracy said...

That is great the G10 are great clubs and glad to see your getting results
thanks for sharing! I am much like you in the game as well and moving up to good quality clubs always helps.

Tracy said...

oh, and i love the G10 set of clubs as well!

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