Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Which golf waterproof

It's got to that time of year when the weather becomes a major concern for us golfers. There is nothing more miserable than being out on the course when the wind begins to howl and the rain starts to fall and you can feel the water trickling in and the bones chilling. The trick to me seems to be buying the right waterproof which gives you the flexibility to put layers underneath if needed and won't mean that every time the season changes you'll have to head down to the shop again to buy yet another bit of golf clothing. So what are the things to look out for when buying a waterproof?

First off I would say make sure it's breathable, staying dry on the oustside is one goal but no good if you end up drowning in your own perspiration on the inside. Also make sure it doesn't make any noise when you swing, there's nothing more uncouth and distracting than the sound of a large tarpaulin unfurling itself every time you take a swing.

Make sure you get adjustable cuffs that stay in the same place on your arm, the long cold trickle of rain water down your arm will dilute the best of games. Look for adjustable toggels around the neck line for the same reason. Check any pocket come with protective flaps and appear sturdy and well sealed.

Galvin Green Waterproofs are not necessarily cheap but if you want a quality top then check them out. Good luck in your quest and remmber it's very important that you stay warm, dry, cool and comfortable, although a flask of whisky will provide a welcome back up should you get caught out!

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