Sunday, 18 July 2010

Thinking of taking up golf?

The Open at St Andrews this week, and what a week it’s been - high winds, heavy squally showers then sunshine, will once again stimulate many a potential golfer to consider taking up the sport. And why not, golf unlike many other sports has a lot of unique factors going for it. Although Mark Twain once famously said that golf was a good walk spoilt, there must be something more that attracts both young and old into the sport.

Yes, it certainly gets you out in the fresh air for a walk of about three miles, which can vary from flat meadowland to steep rugged terrain. Now if that seem as a bit daunting then of late golfers of all ages have taken to using an electric trolley. This gives them the advantages of the walk but without the strain of carrying a heavy bag. But which ever way you choose its good exercise, all year round in lovely countryside – just what the doctor ordered!

Possibly one of its unique features is that people of all ages, genders and abilities can compete against each other, owing to the handicap system. This enables friends and colleagues to get the excitement of competition but on equal terms. This aside, age is by no means a barrier, clearly demonstrated by Tom Watson, now sixty, as runner up in last years Open Championship at Turnberry. A wise old head accounts for a lot!

The game, courses and equipment are always evolving too. A decade or two ago the ball tended to be hit along the ground, unlike to day where the ball is more frequently in the air, leading to the spectacular drives seen on the Tour. The courses themselves have also had to change their spots in order to maintain their challenge. The modification to the world famous Road Hole at St Andrews being a typical example where an extra 40 yards have been added to sharpen its teeth. Many of these changes result from the massive investment in technology made by the major golfing brands such as Ping, TaylorMade and Titleist. These have not only made Tour player performance more spectacular but have also made the game far more interesting and less demanding for the beginner in their early stages.

If you are a beginner or know someone that would like to take up the sport, Greatvaluegolf's Golf Guides are a usefull link for you to follow up.

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