Friday, 20 May 2011

Nike VR STR8-FIT Tour Driver - Nice!

The VR Tour is a great blend of engineering precision and sleek design excellence. The Nike VR STR8-FIT Tour Driver has an assured and classic style which helps to provide a low spin rate and therefore greater penetrating ball flight.The new Compression Channel tied to high moment of inertia, means you won't lose any distance with off centre hits. Allowing you to shape the ball a little easier, by adjusting the loft and lie with 32 different positions is the true value of this driver.

Nike has designed the VR STR8 Tour with a 440cc head, which is also a more conventional 'pear' shape. This is a marginally smaller head than Nike's previous drivers, but once you start hitting balls you certainly won't notice the difference. With red, black and 'chrome' styling this driver follows on the classic but contemporary design of the VR range. The most noticeable feature of the club head is the hollow red channel on the sole, this is the Compression Channel. The Compression Channel is what drives this club. It acts like a catapult and springs the ball forward once the channel compresses. Found on all Nike drivers, the reconfigured face technology produces improved ball speeds.

If the Compression Channel propels the club, then the STR8-FIT technology provides the guidance. There are 32 different positions to play with, 15 draw setups, 2 neutral, and 15 fade setups. See Metal Fabrication London for more details. Close the face and see the ball draw, then open the face up and the ball will fade. All 32 positions lie between 2 degrees open and 2 degrees closed. The Nike Victory Red STR8-FIT Driver allows the golfer a chance to play with the same quality clubs used by the pros.

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