Friday, 6 May 2011

Summer Golfing - 5 Tips For Playing in the Sun

This Easter we’ve already seen temperatures in the 20s, with plenty of sunshine to go round. Here are my top five tips for being prepared for the summer…

1. It may sound blindingly obvious, but don’t forget your hat, shades and sunblock. Your skin hasn’t seen the sun all winter, and without a hat you’ll find yourself squinting into the void, unable to hit the ball straight. Your usual shades may be fine, but it needn’t cost the earth to get some glasses especially designed for sport – lightweight and with obstruction-free peripheral vision.

2. Don’t forget to drink lots of water… the beer comes afterwards!

3. Summer golf shoes are a lot more comfy than the mega-waterproof solid boots you trudged around the course in all winter. If you are looking for new shoes, there are plenty on the market which are light, breathable and look more like trainers. You can even get cool golf sandals which look like Tevas…but come with spikes. (As an added bonus, you get to avoid that unattractive white sock line!)

4. Make the most of the long evenings. Don’t forget to pack your pencil bag for a quick nine after work. It’s good for you.

5. It’s worth investing in summer golf shirts. These days they have Factor 50 UV protection, as well as wicking unwanted moisture away (that’s sweat, to you and me) – are stain-resistant, and don’t even need ironing.

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