Monday, 12 December 2011

How To Choose A Golf Club - Beginners Guide Part 2/10

In part 1 we talked about the merits of starting with a traditional golf set. So what does a typical golf set include? A set is collection of no more than 14 clubs, and what you put in your bag depends on your choices - for example, substituting long irons for hybrids.

A set of irons will include a 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9-iron, plus a pitching wedge (PW). It will probably also include a driver (1-wood), and a 3-wood and 5-wood, and a putter. On top of these will be able to 2 more clubs, and you might for example decide to carry a sand-wedge (SW) for getting out of bunkers, or a hybrid, which is an iron made with wood technology, and easier to hit with than either a driver or a long-iron.

As a beginner you'll probably find that you rely mostly on your 7-iron and pitching wedge at first, and as you get more confident you will reach for the longer clubs, tackling the longer shots with hyrbids which are excellent for this kind of thing. To begin with it's worth putting a good deal of time into your short game as most shots are lost here, and you will use your putter two or three times as often as your driver!

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