Friday, 4 May 2007

Big Time, Big Money

Since we seem to be having a question of the week, this one can be about Majors, and how much you would spend to see the big names play.
Two years ago we went to the
Wales Open at Celtic Manor. Not a major by any means, but we had a very good day following Monty, Paul Lawrie and Ian Poulter. As it happens, Celtic Manor is only half an hour’s drive for us, and the entrance for the Friday was £5 each, so if you add the bridge toll (ouch! £4.50) and don’t add in the cost of our picnic (cheapskates!) we had a pretty good day out for under £20.
Then last summer I suggested that en route to a holiday in Scotland we could take in the Open at Hoylake. When I checked out the price it was £60 upwards - each. Hmmm. My parents used to get a real buzz from going to the Open when it was in Scotland, but I suspect the courses were a lot less crowded then. These days you get a better view from the comfort of your own front room. What’s it worth to you to be able to say ‘I was there?’ And how does the Open compare with other big events? (I admit I’ve paid £50 for a ticket to Wimbledon, and at least golf, unlike tennis, is rarely rained off!)

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