Friday, 4 May 2007

A Case of Mistaken Identity

I was recently reminded of another Open balls-up when we visited Carlyon Bay in Cornwall, a gorgeous hotel with a very pleasant golf-course (not helped by two days of horizontal rain, but then it was February).
Anyway, glancing at the name of the pro above the shop door, I nudged my companion and said ‘Mark Rowe, isn’t that the guy who was disqualified in the Open for signing the wrong scorecard?’ Luckily I never did summon up the courage to ask the man behind the counter how he felt about it, as it turns out the disqualified Mark was Roe and the Cornwall resident is Rowe. The sad story of 2003 is recounted on the Sporting Life site, and probably in many other places. Apologies to M. Rowe for the mistaken identity, and to M. Roe for causing him to relive the pain. (Or did he change his name? Wouldn’t you?)

And finally …
Much hoo-ha over the pro-am pairing of Tiger with Michael Jordan (another yawn for me, I’m afraid) has prompted a typically irreverent post on the Principal's Nose with suggested ‘perfect’ pairings. Read it if you dare!

Coming soon: a Beginners’ Special feature: How much to pay for what?

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