Friday, 11 May 2007

Venus and Mars

Lady Golfer magazine is not something I especially rate for a good read, but this issue provided unusual (though somewhat indigestible) food for thought. Their columnist Madeleine Winnett reveals she has a problem with sex (?) What this boils down to is that she objects to men regarding women golfers as sex objects when the opposite doesn’t really apply, i.e. women don’t watch golf for the inherent physical attraction of the blokes playing it. I’m afraid my first reaction is to think that maybe it’s to do with the attributes (sorry chaps) of current tour players. I’d be hard pushed to think of one that does it for me. However, next day I spotted something in the Daily Telegraph that offers a scientific explanation for this state of affairs. Research has apparently proved that men in general get more pleasure from ‘studying the female form’ than women get from eying up men, though I’m still not sure this lets them off the hook.
If you’re wondering where the ‘indigestible’ comes in, that’s when M.W. proves her point by suggesting we ladies might admire Colin Montgomerie’s swing without ever wishing to ‘see him in a thong.’ Oh Madeleine, you are so right, but did you really have to pick that particular example?

Just to reassure us all I've found this photo of Monty fully clothed, (It's from Flickr and provided under a Creative Commons License. Thanks john1710!)

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