Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Club Competitions

An interesting question on the Golf Monthly Forum . (Is it my imagination, or is there a distinctly men only feeling about the place? Anyway, I left a couple of replies and no-one has quoted any men-only rules at me – yet.)
A member wanted to know if it’s okay to enter club competition as a relative newcomer to the game with a highish handicap and a less than encyclopaedic knowledge of the rules. On the matter of knowing the rules, I’d say it’s good to bone up at least on penalty shots and free drops, and to know the local course rules. But I think playing competitions is a good thing, and clubs should encourage and support new members who aren’t too confident (and some clubs expect you to compete regularly if you have asked for a handicap to be assigned). You could always ask to be put in an experienced group who won't scare you off. The trouble is, that especially the first time, you’re almost certain to feel under pressure, and may well have a round that’s er - well, undistinguished (polite version.) But the more you play competitions, the less it gets to you. I’ve entered some competitions very reluctantly and done okay. On other days I’ve been feeling good and done atrociously. But the main thing is to keep having a go. And if you keep handing in cards and you’re still on 28, at least there’s no way you can be accused of being a bandit!

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