Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Video shelf ( a very small one)

If golf books work for me, golf videos come with a bit of a health warning. Trust me, Nick Faldo’s jumpers do not transfer well to the medium, and David Leadbetter’s accent can really start to grate after a while. There’s one honourable exception. If the putting yips have got to you, take a look at this video by Bob Rotella and Brad Faxon. Brad's not the biggest name on the tour, but he can putt, and he makes it look superlatively easy. There’s a lot to be said for his technique (or lack of) which is something to do with taking a quick look at the putt and just going with your instinct. Funnily enough, that’s a lot harder to do than it sounds. I think I shall now take a break from the bookshelf, or someone out there might accuse me of being some kind of librarian.
Thanks to Librarian Avenger for the photo


Jenni said...

Mind you don't smash the TV with your clubs whilst you practice in front of the screen, Goddess!

Rodrigo said...

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