Friday, 15 June 2007

Custom fitting not as scary as expected

It’s no good. A true goddess of golf needs decent irons, and those Callaway X20s have been calling to me for too long, so today I took myself to one of the local pro shops for another look. MOH was with me and he had to agree they looked good even in my inexpert hands, but observed that the angle of the head at set-up wasn’t quite right, and, before I knew it, I was in a custom fitting session.
Scary or what? I thought you had to have a low handicap for any of the scientific stuff to make a difference, and I was convinced I’d make a complete fool of myself. In fact I did duff several shots in my ‘warm up period’, and MOH took a diplomatic walk, saving himself the embarrassment of being married to the first ever golfer whose swing/impact/launch speed would fail to even register on those electronic sensors.
Luckily it didn’t go too badly. The first good thing was that the fitting took place in a covered area of the driving range, not in an indoor centre. (It’s easier to get into your swing when you can see where the ball ends up. The technical name for this is feedback.) And before long I was managing some pretty decent shots with only the odd rubbish one. The equipment was also unobtrusive, and until the Pro started explaining the analysis (please don’t ask!) I wasn’t really aware anything was being measured.
What did it prove? Apparently I have a shallow angle of attack, a good launch trajectory, and a reasonable amount of back-spin. Most importantly, the best club for me is a Callaway X20 with some fairly small adjustments. Result!
Since these were the clubs I’ve been fancying anyway, you might think this was a bit of a waste of time, but apart from any difference those small adjustments might make (and every little helps!) I came out thinking I really had made the right choice. I was also greatly cheered to find the price before fitting wasn’t any higher than other local suppliers, and only marginally more than I had found on the wonderful worldwide web. I might have got free fitting elsewhere, but I felt the £25 I paid for the hour was reasonable, and the Pro also gave me a few constructive tips on my swing and made some recommendations about balls (of which more later.)
Conclusion: Custom fitting isn’t scary or expensive and it might actually help.
My gorgeous new clubs will arrive next week. Stand by for a report!

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy your new clubs, golf chick! The custom-fitting process is nearly always free, and any Pro will tell you it benefits absolutely everyone - even duffers like me who can barely get a handicap!

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