Friday, 15 June 2007

More Golf Chicks and the Perfect Swing

How nice of Patricia the Golf Girl to pay us a visit. From her picture she’s clearly in the chick category and brings a breath of fresh (young) air to this particular blogspot. She’s just off to Paris where I hope she enjoys her golf. She has also alerted me to an interesting survey by Lexus on what people would give in exchange for the perfect golf swing, e.g. ‘Four out of ten golfers (43%) would readily give up sex for a month in order to have the perfect golf swing!’ Umm, okay, but that’s still less than half of the (surveyed) golfing population. Even fewer, I’m happy to say, would prefer a perfect swing to a perfect marriage.
Anyway, what is a perfect swing? Haven’t we all had at least one perfect strike, presumably delivered by a perfect swing? I think what these people mean is a consistently perfect swing, which in view of the make-up of the human body (not to mention that bigger mystery, the human brain) seems unlikely ever to occur to any of us mere mortals. And how much fun would that be? Certainly watching the big boys would be no fun at all if they never made a mistake. Talking of whom, that course at Oakmont looks like making mortals of them all, though at least the Brits are holding on so far. Thanks to Golf in London for recommending this site for live action, and hang on in here, Justin!

And finally … an apology is in order. Despite my previous gripes about EGU and ELGA I’ve just read that 50% more clubs are offering free taster sessions than a year ago. Good. The clubs in question are listed on Get into golf.

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