Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Golf Gorse

Possibly my last words on the subject of golf on Anglesey (at least until our next visit!)
This time we played not only the pleasantly parkland Henllys Hall but also Baron Hill and Bull Bay Golf clubs, where, as you can see from the picture, heathland is the name of the game. Baron Hill (Beaumaris) is only 9 holes and looks innocuous until you realise how close that gorse is to the fairway. The greens were also devilishly quick with some nasty turns. Bull Bay is the full monty and has some pretty challenging holes, especially in the middle section with cliff-like escarpments that need a considerable degree of self-belief. The energy expended was such that we went straight for a substantial sandwich in the club-house and progressed swiftly to a cream tea in the pretty sea-side village of Moelfre. (Calories? It was worth it!)
All in all that Anglesey Golf Pass was well worth the money – we still have two of our five vouchers left to use later in the season. More news later this week after a trip to the dreaming spires of gorse-free Oxford.
Meanwhile check out the Golf Observer. Good round-up of news with links to features by well-known golf writers whom I'll obviously be joining soon at Oakmont (in my dreams).

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