Thursday, 7 June 2007

Goddess or what?

Yes, I’d like to call myself a golf chick, but to my mind the female of the species falls into two classes:
a) the golf chick, identifiable by long brown legs and a pony tail tucked through the back of her cap.
b) the grande dame of golf, characterised by long brown shorts and a noticeably big bottom.
In the past it has struck me that the pony tail and the big bottom may each contribute in some way to the balance of a good swing, and that as someone who possesses neither I may be forever debarred from any golf hall of fame. However, yesterday changed all that. 93 is not my best ever round, but it’s definitely one of my better ones. Not only that, I was playing in a club medal where through lack of a ladies section I competed with men and received an extra 3 shots on my handicap to compensate for the difference in SSI. I won’t bore you with the maths, but I ended up with a net score of 63. My male partners were looking pretty sick, and if my handicap is cut I shall take the pain like a man (?)
The moral of the story is …. if you have neither a pony tail nor a big bum, never fear, you can still be a goddess of golf.
The picture shows the goddess on another good day. (Sorry about the shoes, they have long since been consigned to the dustbin of bad golf decisions!)


Jenni said...

Why is it always the grande dame types who are likely to ask you, with a disapproving sneer, 'Are you a member here?'

Patricia said...

Love your blog..and BTW, I think the shoes are awesome.

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