Thursday, 7 June 2007

Ladies! (Or should I say chicks?)

If you’re still fretting over whether to cal yourself a lady or a woman golfer, why not cast caution to the wind and go for golf chick? The original golf chick is Kristen Williams, a US golf writer and blogger. She’s clearly a golf addict and her blog is worth a look. She also tells us that this is women’s golf week in the States, a promotional event with special offers and activities for women. Sounds like a good idea to me, and a quick visit to the English Golf Union site reveals that in this country ‘85% of golf clubs have membership vacancies for female members’ and ‘70% of golf clubs are actively seeking …adult female members.’

So what are the EGU doing to address this? Frankly, not a lot that I can see. There’s a leaflet for clubs to download and they are urged to make an action plan. As a result one club offers special introductory packages for women - costing £100. Great, what if they don’t like it? At that price I doubt they’ll bother to find out.
I took up golf as the direct result of a free trial lesson a few years ago after which we immediately signed up for six more lessons. (Golf is that addictive!) The free trial may even have been sponsored by the EGU. What I’m saying is that these things obviously do get more people into the game, so let’s ditch the action plan and have some action.

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Jenni said...

Absolutely. The EGU and others bleat on about everything they are doing for grass roots golf, but this is a perfect example of missed opportunities all round.

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