Thursday, 7 June 2007

Golf and the Weatherman

Spare a thought for Richard Angwin who is worked too hard by the BBC to come blogging here, but has kindly allowed me to use pictures from his site. Thanks, Richard and since (unless I’m sadly mistaken) this one is not of Weston-super-Mare, I’m glad to see you get away from time to time. I’m still hoping you might contribute to the world of golf by doing some research into the exact definition of a one, two or three club wind and have posted the idea to your weather forum.
For this weekend Richard predicts a scorcher. A brave man indeed.!


Anonymous said...

Looks like the Andaman Islands to me! Please, Green Goddess, pretty please, can you send me there to do some weather research?

Green Goddess said...

When I am elevated to true goddess status I shall wave my magic putter and take all my friends there. Sand-shot practice on the beach will be optional.

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