Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Graeme Storm and his Mum

Until last weekend, Graeme’s rise has been far from meteoric, but I think that’s a good thing and gives hope to those of us who have to rely on perspiration than inspiration in turning in a decent round. To support his career, Graeme famously went to work in a cake factory, which is a testimony to his determination. I hope Mr Kipling sends him a something to celebrate the outcome.
On the European tour site his biography also recounts that at the Masters (which year?) ‘he and his mother became the first player/caddie combination in the tournament’s history’.
I like it! And why didn’t I think of this before? To get a ticket to a tour event I don’t have to lose twenty years and as many shots off my handicap, I just have to get my kids to be golf stars! On second thoughts, there are problems with this.
1. My kids think golf is for old people.
2. If they did change their minds about 1. and make it into the big time, would they want their mother telling them which club to use?
As if!

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