Wednesday, 4 July 2007

French Open, Scottish Open

Tournament season in sunny Europe and the Brits are off to a great start with Graeme Storm’s win in Paris. Great performances too from Monty, Ian Poulter and Simon Khan, all in the top ten. Golf Girl was there and experienced the full force of Monty’s ill-temper, although according to the Daily Telegraph Colin had calmed down by the last day and is in confident mood for the weeks ahead. ‘I can win’ he is telling us.
Colin, we know that, and no one would like you to do so more than me, but why does this ebullience worry me? I think I’d be more comfortable if he were saying ‘Let’s face it, I haven’t a cat’s chance in hell.’ Then he could give us – and himself – the kind of surprise we’re waiting for.
Meanwhile I’ve just remembered that any day now we’ll have the Scottish Open on one of the most spectacularly beautiful golf courses in the country and possibly the world. Ticket prices are a snip at £25 and I’ve have been diverted from the task in hand into investigating hotels around Loch Lomond. Fat chance, I fear. If only I’d thought of it earlier. For photos of the location I can do no better than show you those taken last year and moon about saying ‘my heart’s in the highlands.’ Golf Girl should pack her bag again and try this side of the channel. It doesn’t always rain (honest).
More photos by John1710 on Flikr or or see Monty last year on a previous post.

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