Saturday, 28 July 2007

We played the course (the course won!)

As you can see, Bowood Park (North Cornwall) is an undulating parkland course with a variety of holes, none of which seems particularly daunting at first sight, despite which we consistently failed to knock up any kind of a decent score! In retrospect it was longer and harder than our home course, and like it said in the club blurb, ‘rewards good shots and punishes bad,’ and so punished I certainly was.
Despite my recurrent blobs it was still good to get away for a few days, though on Wednesday we spent most of the day sheltering at the nearby Eden Project. (Definitely worth a visit, though maybe not on a wet day in the school holidays!)
But getting back to the golf break, what puzzled us was why Bowood Park, apart from our first night (when we coincided with an annual charity event) was practically deserted. Even in view of the weather it seems odd that a hotel with a good golf course and in a great location couldn’t drum up a bit more business in the middle of summer. Would we go back? Well, I think they could do with a style makeover (mock-Victorian meets Ikea didn’t quite work) and provide a bit more choice on the dinner menu. In that case I’d risk the grave-like silence of the dining room. I might even take a few friends along to liven things up!

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