Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Phil Mickelson and Hugh Grant - blood brothers!

A friend of mine has a soft spot for Phil Mickelson, and I know what she means. Even if his looks verge on the goofy, he has a sort of boyish charm. One of the first tournaments I watched on TV was the Volvo PGA at Wentworth and without knowing much about the game (maybe because of that!) I did find him quite appealing. Fast forward to last night when my daughter was watching Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason with Hugh Grant doing his rakish bounder act and it hit me quite forcefully that there's a definite resemblance there. Phil would have to lose a few pounds, but if that day ever dawns, I think they could pass for brothers. Sadly unable to provide visual evidence on this page, but check out these two photos.

See what I mean? I think it's the eyes. Anyone care to comment?

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