Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Distance or accuracy? Tales from the long grass

Equalling my personal best score made today a very good day. As usual with these things, it happened quite unexpectedly (especially after my Cornish disaster) and it did make me think about why last week felt so difficult.
The weather is the obvious candidate; a persisitent strong south westerly made 9 out of 18 holes in Cornwall a real battle, whereas today was warm and wind-free. But, to be honest, I don't think the wind was as crucial as the course set-up, and in particular the rough. On our home course, there are lots of hazards and some pretty long carries over water, but I admit that the rough is, with one or two exceptions, pretty tame. But at Bowood Park even the light rough was pretty testing, especially since it was getting regularly drenched with rain. My faithful rescue club wasn't always up to it, and in the heavy stuff I was pretty much stuffed.

Judging from recent events, staying on the fairway is just as crucial to the Pro as to the club golfer, and despite all that technology invested in producing distance, the majority at Carnoustie were leaving their drivers in the bag and taking irons off the tee.
It's a comforting thought. Maybe there's no need to make courses longer for the top competitions, just make the fairway narrower. Then the pros can give up their high-tech clubs and leave them for mere mortals like us!

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