Saturday, 4 August 2007

St. Andrews - where I used to live

I’m ashamed to say I’m not too well up on the women’s tour, partly because there isn’t much T.V. coverage in this country. But this week it’s different. The girls are on show at St. Andrews in the Women’s British Open. St. Andrews is dear to my heart because I lived there for four years as a student, and even though I wasn’t playing or following golf it was a great time in my life and there’s nothing MOH and I like to do better than watch them play up the eighteenth, towards that ugly red hotel, formerly the student residence where I used to live!
Last year we went back on a sentimental journey and had our photo taken on the Swilken Bridge. Sadly I can’t find that picture, but there are lots of great views on the St. Andrews Links Trust site. Here’s another from flickr with my old room marked. What you might call a room with a view!

Photo by Herman on flickr

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