Saturday, 4 August 2007

Women's British Open, St. Andrews

I’m really sorry to be missing the last day of the championship as we’re off on holiday. So far it’s been a fascinating contest, particularly on Day 2 when a Scot – Catriona Matthew, put in a great challenge, finishing 5 under. Sadly today she slumped completely and it looks like Ochoa will be unstoppable. Still, on a windy day when no one looked glamorous, Matthew did have the prettiest lavender polo I have ever seen (sadly can’t find a photo that shows it).
Catriona is now based in the States, and her husband is usually her caddie. Interesting how these family caddie things work out; Luke Donald’s brother caddies for him and then there was the strange case of Graeme Storm. I like the husband/wife idea. Who’ll be first to reverse the picture – wife caddying for husband?

The championship has also prompted an interesting discussion on the BBC blog about attitudes to golf in the R&A and at St. Andrews – not, apparently, to be confused (make sure you read the comments!) Good luck to all the girls tomorrow, and hope that devilish wind drops.

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