Monday, 13 August 2007

Tiger Triumphs (and Catriona too)

Sorry about the sudden silence on the blog. I forgot to tell you all that I was off on a week’s holiday to Belgium, of which more later.
Meanwhile Tiger has triumphed at the US PGA and today I sense a kind of relief in the press. Tiger has won a major, the world is as it should be, and we are treated to the usual round of congratulation and anecdotes of his prodigious childhood. He deserves it all, of course, the win and the adulation, and Lewine Mair in the Daily Telegraph is right to quote Monty’s view that Tiger has benefited the game in all kinds of ways, including attracting more money. Other achievements pall beside his and will continue to do so for some time to come, but don’t let’s forget that this is his first major win this year. His is the dominant force in the game, and it wouldn’t surprise me if we have another golden run coming on, but compared to other ball games, golf is unique. It’s about individual performance rather than competition. You play the course rather than your ‘opponent’. In some ways you are playing against yourself. Eventually Tiger will have another bad day, and, unlike in tennis, there will be no one on the far side of the net zapping down a serve to snap him back into focus. It may be a while before he’s beaten in a big tournament. But he’s human. No-one should doubt that, or doubt their ability to match him, sooner or later.

Despite her failure at St. Andrews, it's also good to hear that Catriona Matthew had a win to celebrate in Sweden. It''s not so long since Catriona returned from 'maternity leave' - maybe she was the brave soul changing nappies in the Royal and Ancient!

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