Thursday, 13 September 2007

Bag problem solved

My search for a new trolley bag took me to the local range shop last week where I was eying up a Callaway Weekender. I also quite fancied the Taylormade MAG F1 on offer at Great Value Golf. both of then had all the features I wanted and looked very robust, if a bit bulky for me to lug in and out of the boot. Another complaint was that they were in very sober colours and I had an uncharacteristic yearning for something prettier, if not exactly girly (which I felt was not too much to ask for the best part of £100). Then, as we mooched around the Pro-shop at Orchardleigh, MOH spotted a Benross Zephyr that looked pretty smart and a bit less bulky. We couldn't find a price tag, but further investigations revealed not only a good range of storage but also, mysteriously, a single winter glove, a book of the Rules of Golf (well-thumbed) and what appeared to be the remains of a cereal bar. It didn't take Hercule Poirot to deduce the bag was second-hand, but despite the added extras in pretty good nick. We did a very satisfactory deal with the pro-shop staff, and now as you can see, it's mine! Having Googled the bag in question, and come up with prices from £60 to £75, I’m pretty pleased with myself.
So it was a case of thanks to the previous owner for the book, and out with the vacuum cleaner to dispose of the crumbs. (We returned the glove!) Here's the new baby posing in the garden, kitted out and ready to go.

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