Saturday, 22 September 2007

Love is in the air

Next week Ian Poulter takes time off for a wedding, and next spring Colin Montgomerie is also tying the knot. I remember when Monty split with his first wife (which came surprisingly not long after a TV documentary their life together) and since then Monty has had a run of girl-friends. Seems he’s a guy who needs a woman in tow, so hope this one works out for him, and if his website's anything to go by, he's convinced Gaynor is going to get his game back in shape. Colin came to professional golf comparatively late, and it seems like he’s been around for a while, so I was surprised to read he’s only 42. Let’s hope his new partner will bring back the bloom of youth! By contrast Ian Poulter certainly looks no more than his 31 years. Despite his glamorous image it seems he’s no play-boy. He’s been with his girl-friend for 10 years and they already have two kids. He’s also having a pretty good season, so it looks like a stable home background can only be good for golf.

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