Sunday, 23 September 2007

Westwood wins British Masters (despite lack of dress sense!)

Lee Westwood played superlative golf earlier today to win the Quinn Masters finishing a stupendous 15 under par, 4 shots away from Ian Poulter who played as well as Westwood tee to green but failed to clinch a number of birdie putts. Westwood showed real class in all aspects of his play, but I’m still wondering who chooses his wardrobe.
The nasty yellow trousers on Saturday (clearly visible on the European tour video clip) were the worst I have seen in many a televised tournament, and today some close camera shots showed us that today’s trews, although a more conservative plum colour, were clearly the same hideous material and cut.
Poulter may have come second, but his dress sense, (which seems to have settled down a bit since he started his own design brand, complete with Poulteresque logo) was snappy as ever. So well done Lee, but before the next big tournament, please find something to wear that reminds us less of a dralon sofa.

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