Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Golf is a Good Walk ..

And if you ask me, that's the end of the story. We've only twice used a buggy, most recently last week at the picturesque Alice Springs Golf Club near Usk, and although it's pretty steep in places, we've decided that if we go back there, we'll leg it. Apart from anything else these particular buggies, although fitted with the latest sat nav equipment, were under-powered to put it mildly so that even I could have walked faster up the hills. And sitting still for minutes at a time (it was a particualrly dreich and chilly day) doesn't keep you warm, no matter how many practice swings you take. But as well as the comfort and speed aspects, to me the game just has a different rhythm and feel if you're not walking from shot to shot. Andrew Greig (yes, him again!) agrees with me. He describes a round of golf as being like 'a length of knotted string'. In a buggy you only get the 'knots' and lose the pauses between shots that makes golf what it is.
Buggies are great for those who can't get around without one, but until then, I'll keep wearing out the shoe leather.
BTW, no prizes for guessing what happened when we asked Google Maps for a route to Alice Springs. Not sure how many pages the directions would have covered!

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