Friday, 5 October 2007

Secret Golfer

How did I miss the Secret golfer site? Looks like it's been around for a bit and has a refreshingly anti-establishment appeal. And I think I need to add Tom Cox, who has his blog here, to my list of golf writers (that's writers who play golf rather than golfers who write). Okay, I haven't actually read any of Tom's books, and they're obviously in a lighter vein than my current favourite Preferred Lies, but judging by Tom's blog, his latest book Bring me the Head of Sergio Garcia should be a good laugh. I'll give you my considered view when I've read it.
Secret golfer also has a link to Bunker Mentality, an off-beat golf clothing company who have some fun t-shirts (fun being a word not often associated with golf clothes!) I'm quite fancying a Queen of the Greens polo shirt, or maybe they'll take an order for Green Goddess?

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