Sunday, 14 October 2007

World Masters: the big men of golf

As Ernie Els and Angel Cabrera battle it out at Wentworth, the BBC is struggling to fill in the gaps between shots. Let's face it they've been there all day with only one match to cover. As the players trudge up the fairway there are no other matches to cut to. Peter Aliss, as we know, can witter for Britain and Ken Brown is keeping him company by interviewing tongue-tied junior spectators, but there's only so much 'Swingmaster' analysis I can take. As for comparing a golf swing to a rugby kick - er- patriotism apart, I don't think so! I suppose I should be sympathetic. On a pleasant autumn day I certainly wouldn't turn down Maureen Madill's job, but I'm beginning to wish Ernie would just get it over with. Oops, Angel's hooked one. Maybe I won't have to wait much longer!
Thanks to Mike Davis for posting the photo on Flickr with a Creative Commons licence.

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